BallBot: First Blender project.

This is my very first Blender project. It’s supposed to be a robot/tank hybrid and I’m planning on adding it into a post-apocalyptic setting. Blue sky, desert, perhaps a bit of paved road poking out from the sand, bent street lights, a rusty fire hydrant… I think you got the picture. :smiley: As for the scale of that tank/robot hybrid, I’ve been thinking something about two storeys high… I’m still working on the weapons, but Comment & Critique on them would be very welcome.

And yes. I’m another blender newbie so bear with me. %|


Good work! Try using set-smooth on round/spherical parts of the mesh.

Maybe even subsurf 1 once or twice

Okay, I added Set Smooth to some parts. Some round parts were left without, but I’m thinking about working on those later on. I also tried subsurfaces, but I couldn’t figure out how to control its behaviour so I decided to leave it be for now. And then I found some rogue normals poking into places they shouldn’t so I flipped them.

Things next on my to do list fo the model:
-Adding more detail on the weapons.
*Rockets into the rocket pods.
*Ammunition boxes for the miniguns.
*Some minor detail for the “lasers”.

Thank you for your input. I wish I had seen that Auto Smooth button earlier… :<


I did some minor modifications again. If you have any ideas on what to add to that minigun thing then spit them out 'cos I’m running out of ideas here. Also if you happen to know good material tutorials, tutorials on UV-mapping and good rigging and animating tutorials then throw me some links. :slight_smile: I want to turn this bastard into lean mean killing machine. And learn blender at the same time. :o


I’ve managed to make IK-bones for this one. It took lots of trial and error, but I think I finally got it working. I’ve also done some work on the “background” models. I’ve attached some images of them. I’ve been a bit busy with other things thus this project has been lagging behind a bit. Once again I’m waiting for some good ol’ C&C :smiley:

I’ve also begun making procedural textures on the waterpost model. I’m trying to archieve a rusty look with some of the original paint intact. Here’s what I currently have: