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This is something I have been working on a little, and I seem to be drawn back to it. I would post it as finished, but I am not sure that it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

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not blenderrs renderer

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not blenderrs renderer

why not? This looks like blenders radiosity.
Very nice. How did you model the glofballs?

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very cool!!!
I think the balls are just spheres with a bump-map?!

cya henrik

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Sorry…got a little busy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, they are just bumpmapped uvspheres.

In blender. oh yea of little faith. :smiley: I’ll give you something extra.

But I think now I am going backwards from what I want.
( test render…image not refined yet)

Extra :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty nice :slight_smile:


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i saw the exacvt same render someqwhere else… not with blenders renderer

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you got some nice balls there! erm, forget that. :wink: :-? :slight_smile:

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Crap, crap, crap.

Neyman said:

i saw the exacvt same render someqwhere else… not with blenders renderer

On the first picture, somehow I have gotten mixed up. the url on 2 posts points to this picture, and one says it is not by blender. The trouble is that I have 3 pictures from 3 different programs that are as close to identical as can be, and I have lost track which one this one is from. I appologise and will reblend this one and replace it with the one from blender with a small deviation to make the two (slightly) different.

What I have been doing is makeing my scenes in blender, exporting as .obj, and doing the radiosity and texture work in now3d, or if it is something I think I really want, in a art teacher friends copy of C4D. Then once I have it the way I want it, I try to match it in Blender. In this case I was extreamly successful, and you can’t tell them apart. The reason I am doing this is I can make changes in the other programs several times faster than I can in Blender. You can take the .obj files , color them, and render them in now3d and c4d in the time it takes Blender to calculate the radiosity right now. Once that is done, when I make minor changes to it, useing this picture as an example, I can rerender in now3d in about 10 min, and C4D will do it in less than 5 min. Hopefully after Blender has been open for a while we will close that gap quite a bit :smiley:
Sorry for any confusion, but like I said, this might be Blenders, and if it isn’t, it looks the same as blenders. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guess what my favorite new plugin is!

p.s. all blender :stuck_out_tongue: