pretty nice but a bit simple.

not a really big fan of simple things.

Did you put a emittining plane on the bittom or somthing coz it looks cool :smiley:

blue balls at that :]

It looks cool, bud maby you should give them more ref. :wink: :smiley:

How on earth did you get all those faces to curve into a ball?? Only kidding. It reminds me of those ball pits I used to play in when I was young.

what the hell…

If I start on you I will never hear the end of it…so here we go

WTF is this. ball on a plane, color blue,duplicate, Ray mirror, Render…You really like to push the limits dont you.

You should save yourself and remove the image.

Right now there’s three topics in a row about balls.

Bring’em on 8)

Reflective spheres can be fun sometimes if it’s a good render, but this… it’s hard to say if it was worth the bandwidth. I’m sure you could post something remotely intereting if you worked on it for more than five minutes. The finished projects forum is not the place for “hooray, I figured out how to make shiny balls!”

Hey guys, leave him alone. This was probably an experiment with raymirror. BTW very nice lighting.


I locked this thread because your image is very close to spam, especially because you posted the same kind of image at the same time. If you didn’t post this image as a joke, I’m very sorry. Please try to put some more work in your images before you post them.