BAND Logo"s

if anyone would like to make a band logo then upload it. this is contest I wont to see who can make the best logo out there any band, no country

here is the next piece I have made

This logo does not have to be for a REAL band, does it?

Of course not, any band, your basement band. Your sister’s band! Or better yet, let’s make it an all metalica contest.

I like the “all metalica” idea. perhaps someone should set some ground rules. something official.

Band name is Not Tonight Josephine. They are on myspace if anyone wants to look them up. They already had the logo but it wasn’t 3d or anything - just a fancy J.

OK, I’m in. I’ll make some funny name that is incredibly long that no one can pronounce.:evilgrin:

How’s this?

Took like, 5 minutes.:smiley: