Bands bump map >

I did a cylinder with some procedural stripes

now I would like the red part to have some bumps
but not using displacement only bump to minimize verts count

anyone know a way to add bumps on proc texture ?

trying to emulate some wires if possible with min verts !
wont be shown from very close anyway!

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If you’re producing red already, say using a ramp, just assign a 0 alpha to the red and utilize the alpha output of the ramp node.

This could be an indication

I was thinking more in the lines of something like this:

In this case, which uses adaptive subdiv and displacement with x axis added to y axis giving it a twist, produces this result:

It’s typically how I do cables in projects. Just curves with thickness, controlled with hooks and possible subdiv.

very interesting ways to do it
will test it and be back later on

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looks very interesting
not certain how to modify it for elec cable
but looks good for a drain pipe

but go like 10 questions to redo it

so can you upload Sample file

this is a much more complicated nodes set up with adap + displ
I mean very difficult to redo from scratch
it would help a lot

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did you use a cylinder or a curve ?

did a test with cylinder with seems and UV unwrap

you seem to use alpha - I guess this is in 2.82
I did it in 2.79 using transmission = 1

now don’t see much bumps on the red part is that normal?

if not an you upload sample file

happy bl

In my screenshot I used a cylinder. This is the default cube. It is a fast and easy to render strip material with bump.
sample.blend (678.8 KB)

I could but I won’t :wink: This is a pretty easy to follow and straight forward setup, only 17 nodes or so. Practice makes, if not perfect, then at least better. You (and others) won’t be learning a thing if we just supply everything. Built it up like the nodes show and verify you get about the same result. Save it as a lookup project. Then preview the nodes to see what they do. If they do something you don’t need atm, like the twisting, mute the node and go to the next one. If you don’t need displacement (I only did it for the bigger lumps in the cable), just change from displacement to bump only in the material settings and you’re done. If you need to use a bump node for normal socket inputs in shaders, you can replace it with the bump node with the same scale settings, and you know it will be correct. Temporarily using displacement during material edit is a great way to ensure complex bump setups are done correctly.

Besides, you didn’t include your own setup of nodes, so my curve method with defined UVs may not be applicable to yours. Also, I’m on 2.82/2.83 so some of the nodes would have to be rewritten for 2.79 use - basically you have to scale 0-1 to some multiple of pi, use sin which makes it go from -1 to +1 several times, then rescale that back to 0 to 1 range for easy control (ramp takes 0-1 by default).

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