Barb Wire Fence - Help with Array and Curve Modifier

Hi, I am transitioning from C4D to Blender and trying to make it work for a large scale Visualization project. I am stuck trying to get a fence to travel across the terrain. I have figured out so much and tried a million things to try and get it to work but alas I can not figure it out. Would someone please have a look at my file and see if they can get the fence to follow the curve and let me know how you did it? I think something might be going on with normals in my curve that were created when I turned the curve to an object and back to a curve to get the curve to conform to the land elevation. Here are some more details that might be helpful.
I projected/shrunk wrapped a curve/spline I brought in as an SVG onto a ground plain with elevation data used to deform it. I would like to use an array modifier to wrap a barb wire fence around the curve/spline that currently conforms to the landscape. I have watched many tutorials on using the Array and Curves Modifiers together and was able to recreate the desired effect with other assets. I think there must be some setting or process I need to do on my curve by aligning all the normals upward or something. Also for the sample file Attached I could not get the texture to show up on the fence. Any help would be greatly appreciated and once I get up to speed with blender I will pay it forward. :slight_smile: and be able to help others. Fence On (4.5 MB)

I think the more you’ll have a clean setup the more you’ll avoid problems, like for example applying the scale of your objects (and after having done this for the curve, go in Edit mode and bring back all the vertices radius back to 1 in the N panel), put both the origins of the 2 objects on their center (right click > Set Origin > Origin to Geometry), and put the object at the same position as the curve’s origin

Thank you @moonboots for your easy to follow detailed response. That worked perfectly and gave me a greater understanding of the nuances of Blender. Applying the scale of the curve worked magic on getting the alignment to follow then scaling the Mean Radius in the N-Panel/properties tab while in edit view to a value of 1 brought the scale of the fence down. I think I need to leave the fences Origin in the lower-left corner so it aligns with the ground spline but I will make sure to match the position of both objects.

I spent the good part of a day trying to figure this out and am feeling very grateful for your help. :slight_smile: Thank you.

great then, I didn’t try to understand in details why it bugged but it’s always better to clean the scales, origins and so on :wink: