Barber - Sculpting

Hey guys, this is my first thread here!

I’m new on organic modeling and sculpting. I wish I can have some feedback and some new ideas for the character.

I also need a little help on retopology, how do you usually start? Is it better if I separate the beard from the rest of the face? This kind of questions. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!


I made some changes in the eyes.
what do you think?

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any feedback?


Some topology studies

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I like the barbers eye update.

The transition from cheek to whisker looks edged to my eyes. Like if there were a lower part of a motorcycle helmet.

Are you retopologizing?

Hmm, maybe I can change it . Yes I am retopologizing.

More WIP

I have changed to 2.79, cause the 2.8 was crashing when I tryed to apple the shrink modifier on the retopo mesh.

(If anyone can help, I don’t know why the edges are blue)

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The blue edjes are probably that way because they are marked sharp. Awesome character btw

First Render test!

Without painted texture, materials, lighting, etc. I made it to check if the character was working.


It’s looking really good already, but when you add other workflows it going to look amazing!

Thanks @Micheal_Kimber !

I’m starting to work on the textures.

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I like the gloss and texture of the eyes. How did you get them to look like that?

Does anyone know what is happening with the unwrap on 2.8?

Testing some materials. Any feedback?

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I really like the style of your character.
Perhaps add some shine on his scalp? Might not work with the style, but perhaps.

Good work btw!

You’re right. @thondal What do you think?

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Why everytime I render a subsurface shader the edges lose shapness?. How can a make these parts sharpier?


I changed the light, I think now it looks better

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I agree the light looks much softer and more inviting than the original setup. :slightly_smiling_face:

Made a topic on finished works, if you guys wanna see the final shot.