(blengine) #1

i really wanted to finish this before i posted it, but im gonna take a break and work on the weekend challenge :smiley:
so, heres what i got so far, and would appreciate any suggestions on additions, subtractions, and refinements to the scene =)

things to do:

  1. fix floor and plank textures
  2. interior/rear view mirrors/actually model the headlights and not a cheap uvmap thats stretched anyway cause i suck :wink:
  3. add some accesories(meat hooks, cans, blah blah) and adjust lights a bit
  4. and add rust! the car of course, needs some texturing around the creases and cracks, and thats where good(hopefully) rust comes into play 8)

please please gimme some opinions, im growing attached to working on this car, why oh why must it end!


(DreamMaster) #2

Wow, it’s amazing!!! Lemme tell you my secret. I’m planning on modeling a bug car…

Perhaps it will be the first car model ever to be made by a female… :wink:

I can’t think of other suggestions except what you said that you would work on… Very good so far… :slight_smile:

(blengine) #3

hmm, an open forum isnt a good place to tell secrets… haha :smiley:
ooo, a bug… do it! has good blueprints to use…
thanks fer the comments too, yer a real doll :wink:

(DreamMaster) #4

lol, that’s what I was going to ask other blendheads if they know the URL to that site. lol. :wink: Thanks! :slight_smile:

(YAYA) #5

Hey, my son, you want me to stop the downtown-roadster or what?
That’s really precise, and I’m afraid of the result after texturing!!!
(I think that from now on I’m gonna do something else than CG!! :slight_smile:

(PILER) #6

are you sure you made that with blender?
i wasnt aware that blender could make such horrible artwork, even a render of a black screen is better than this garbage, i think your fooling us all… that definately looks like it was made with ms paint or something… o well better luck next time =)

                                                        -- friendly neighborhood piler

(ectizen) #7

Excellent dust :slight_smile:

If you’re going to rust up the car, you might want to tone down the exhaust pipe chrome a bit - looks too clean and tidy :slight_smile:
Also, the forward bend in the pipe looks a little odd - I think the outer radius of the bend is too small.

I can see the barn wall through the left rear wheel arch! :o

The barn seems to be floating in mid air - maybe add some ground outside?

Needs chickens, too.

(S68) #8



(sten) #9

hey man, what a cool car !!

you are DA MAN !! :open_mouth:

(YAYA) #10

Excuse, I forgot: for the final, don’t forget to put a left rear weel!

(BgDM) #11

That is looking sweet! I have a problem witht he hood though. I don’t think the pockets on the hood go that deep. I could be wrong, (/me goes looking for Viper pics), but it just seems too pronounced. Should be a little more subtle.

Just my $0.02.


(TurboG) #12

YAYA siad:

Excuse, I forgot: for the final, don’t forget to put a left rear weel!

Put it on Cement Blocks :smiley: That would be funny. You know, if your gonna rust it up and stuff it might be cool to make a little animation of the different phases of being destroyed. When Cluh gets his morph tutorial out you can start it nice, get a little dull, paint chip, and eventualy end up with a rusted old peice of junk :slight_smile: But its your model not mine. Great work!

How did you get the light to shine through the boords and be visible like that? I think there was a Light through a window tut on NaN a while back but I don’t know where to find it.

(blengine) #13

once i get an interior in, u wont be able to see through the car =D
the barn is floating… its an angels barn, up in the clouds away from it all…orrrr, i just havent made the outside yet :wink:
turbo, the cement block idea is great! i dunno bout the animation, too much work that i dont wanna do =), but at least one wheel axle will definitely be up on a cement block… for seeing the light shine through, creat a spotlight and click on HALO, then adjust the HALO STEP(sharpness of the rays, 12 being sharpest), then HALO INT(amount and power of halo lighting)and adjust the clip sta to the line starts sort of close to the object blocking the light(in this case, the barn wall planks) 8)
thanks people for the backfeed :smiley:

(dickie) #14

hey chris.
looks good.
my only suggestions would be
to soften the bevel on the hood.
it looks too sharp.

(dreamsgate) #15

kiddo, you ar giving me a definite complex here. I love the lighting,

(dreamsgate starts muttering to herself… must work on lighting techniques…)

(bg3D) #16

that’s awesome! I really like the lighting. keep workin on it! woo!

(Free Mars) #17

Well if it is supposed to be rusting you might want to put some gray primer on the body like someone was trying to keep it from rusting so bad.