Baron Harkonnen

Hi all,had lots of fun making this character.
this is my Baron Harkonnen fanart from Dune i made in my free time .Low poly character realtime rendered and inspired by one of Georgios Dimitriou concept character designs .
Hope you guys like it.



Odd length of radio silence for a piece this well done, so I suppose I’ll say something :joy:

Fantastic work, simply incredible!


Wow really nice work ! This ugly character is pretty well done :smiley:


Hideously beautiful. I didn’t want to like him because he’s so grotesque but after looking at him a while he sort of grew on me. he should cut down on the spice a bit!


Really superb character!

But if you don’t mind, here are some things to improve him even more:
The hair doesn’t really look realistic and you probably did it with cards. There is nothing wrong with that, but you should rework the material entirely IMO

The lighting in the beauty render is not optimal, it seems a bit flat and washed out, and the color palette isnt really aesthetic. Maybe watch some videos or blogs on color theory and lighting in general.

I wanted to share this because your creature is really phenomenal!

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This is great! Reminds me of Nurgle!

The spice must flow.

Damn, he is ugly. Like really reprehensibly ugly. Bah! :nauseated_face:
Well done.

Whoa, that guy spinning over people then spilling out their blood… you got him really well, superb…

As soon as I saw this picture I immediately thought that it should be Baron Harkonnen. Brilliant work!

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Thanks for you comments and front page.
Lighting was a bit stylized and not too much realistic maybe i got carried away by the scifi aspect but for my next character i might go more realistic.
Still cant believe i have a realtime renderer inside my blender been wanting this for years! Thank you blender team! :metal:

Also cant wait for dune reboot movie and i think it will epic and hopefully
there will be a dune reboot video game rts cause i played a lot when i was a kid.

More Dune stuff!! Youcaptured the Baron perfectly

One of my favourite opera’s characters has been brought to life with such good taste and high skill… Congrats friend!

Instantly recognised him ! You captured him well.

mother of god. he is disgusting. in the best possible way!

Truly amazing amounts of detail, love this piece!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!