Barycentric UV

I’d like to know how to create barycentric coordinates for all polygons in a scene. So that each polygon maps from 0.0 to 1.0.

Actually I don’t know the answer to your question but I ran into this link yesterday. Hopefully of some use to you.

I’ve never written a blender script. But, basically I’m trying to find a cheap way to do a wire render. AFAIK the current process involves duplicating geometry. If I could figure out how to write a script to map each polygon too [0…1] then it would be simple to do a wire render using the blend texture, without dup’n the geometry.

Reset the UVs. (U > Reset). The default is each quad uses the whole uv map and each tri uses half of it … isn’t that what you’re talking about?

If you only want it to use one axis of the UV you could do ‘a s y 0’ in th uv editor?

ETA: I’m pretty sure i’m misunderstanding something and wiki isn’t helping :\

Nevermind. I figured out a way to do it without writing a script. I did it with the blend texture.

Cool, anyway :slight_smile: