Basement 2

(Elsdon) #1

Good call on the lighting folks.

In fact as it turns out the lamp in the corner, although set ot only 50% was also set to sun. :-?

Also turned down the spec on a lot of stuff. I never seem to remember to do that the first time around. Comes with age I guess.

Let me know how this version sit with you.


(Poju) #2

Very nice

I like second better, but i think it could be eaven more darker and maybe turn halo on for spotlight’s to get dusty feeling.

(gr8hamster) #3

yea, a wee little halo would prooly do goods.

me likes though! wut did u do for textures? take pictures of stuff or something?

…and BTW wut the devil is that ‘black hole’ on the ground? a drain? or a gate to hell!! bwahaha! lol… I think it’s time for me to shutup now lol :frowning: :slight_smile: