"basic" figure

I’m not normally keen on showing wips but hopefully now that I am getting ambitious, I can get some feedback and maybe improve my modelling.

The current project is a basic figure, with a vague and nebulous aim of making a jester.


i have NEVER seen edge loops like that before! it’s really unique, and it looks like it’d be efficient for low poly modelling. It would help you though, to see how the pros do it.
also, you should learn to hate triangles. This is a great starter piece. I can see it really evolving into something great. in the mean time, check this

Thanks for those links. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to download either of the movies so far but am pretty sure I remember the name of Mr.Bomb from someplace.

Life has become much easier since I discovered how to merge triangles with Ctrl-J. I am a great believer in keeping it simple.