Basic Material/Texture tutorial

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This is my first try using the PDF format to make tutorials. I’m using TeXShop and latex to format the pages.
I’m going to start with basic beginer tutorials, may be later I’ll redo my old tutorials in the PDF format.

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Happy to know another LaTeX user, LaTeX rocks :smiley:

(My tuts are in Word anyway 8) )

Tut looks pretty fine and clear, but it is veeeeery basic, you could carry on the tutorial from the point where it ends and teach to get some really nice effects (rather than a plain sphere with a purple tecture…)

Something like the background of your web page, for example.

It is cool and could be made with plain cloud texture(s) and, maybe a marble one, so you also explain multiple textures and so on.

Keep it up!


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My goal is to have a PDF book with more indepth tutorials starting with the basics. This one is a start to see/learn TeXShop/LaTeX.
What/where did you get a reference to LaTeX commands? I’ve only found one source, quite old and the maintainer is dead. At

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is THE latex site

a on line reference at


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what is texShop? something like lyx?

your pdf looked ok, but because you are using pdf, you could use it a bit more. now it’s just like a basic web page without any layout.
I bet you could fit all that stuff in 2 pages even! the picture of material-sphere is HUGE :slight_smile:

you could also use small pictures to clarify certain things, like “press - sign” you could have a picture with an arrow pointing the place… (this was for beginners tutorial)… this “-” sign was one of the hardest parts for me when I first started of with blender… heh…:slight_smile:

good start anyways…


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what is texShop? something like lyx?

I’m not sure what Lyx is. TeXShop is a graphical front end for LaTeX on OS X.
I’m trying to keep it simple to keep the file size down, but I will add some more detail.
Thanks for the links, in all of the searches I’ve run neither has come up.