Basic python problem in Blender

(Skanime) #1

I’m doing a Python tutorial and I’m on the hello program. I typed in the code and then push alt-p to run the script, and I get nothing. It does nothing. It just stays at the text editor. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

(theeth) #2

did you check for output in the console window?


(Skanime) #3

Oh. Never tought about that.

(Skanime) #4

Another problem:
The tutroial says type
import Blender
obj = Blender.Object.Get()
print obj
print len(obj)
and you’ll get
[[Object Camera at: <0.000000, -8.128851, 0.000000>],
[Object Plane at: <4.500000, 0.000000, 0.000000>]]
as out put. All I get is

(theeth) #5

the print obj will give you problems.

try: print repr(obj)