Basic Question Re: Blender Bevels

I’m an extreme Blender noob -migrating from a useful, but far more limited 3D app. Question about an issue shared by both apps: If I apply a basic bevel to a cube, triangles -not quads- are generated at the 4 corners of the cube. This of course occurs on similar objects when beveled. The basic tut I just viewed doesn’t address resolving these triangles to quads. I’m guessing Blender is sophisticated enough to address this efficiently?
Edit: I believe I just discovered on e EZ solution in adding more segments when beveling. As creating 2 segments in the bevel dialog results in 3 quads at the cube’s corners, instead of single triangles. Is that that the simplest procedure? I’m guessing there are others. Thanks.

That is the “only” procedure, if you want to do it during beveling, that is. If you need a flat bevel without triangles, you can make a bevel with two segments and shape of 0.25.

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I would highly suggest @BlenderBob 's series in youtube about blender and bevels. Just look for blender bob in youtube


Well thank you! :slight_smile: Come join the party @arteeguy, I actually made 3 clips about bevels. Enjoy!