Basic surface-covering texture mapping in nodes

Hi! I am looking for a texture mapping in nodes that would just cover over the surface constantly for all the places. Something like global mapping, but that it doesn’t project mapping in X and Y axis, but in X, Y and Z axis. Baiscly - I need the same as Global texture mapping, but in all the 3 axis. And I hope that it won’t affect performance badly. If you can help me with this, I will give you big thanks!:slight_smile:

OK! What I basicly need is to set “Geometry” node to use “Sphere” instead of “Flat”(this is the workfolw in internal materials). How’s it done?

Hmm. I don’t think it’s that simple.
But you can rotate global mapping to work on the x and z axis, then mix that with the normal x/y global mapping on surfaces which are not flat…

How? How do I find out the mix? Should it be get surface normal(“geometry” node “normal” output), seperate RGB having R = X, G = Y, B = Z, and use one of channels as factor? Would it work?

Nope… I can’t rotate global or orco. It doesn’t rotate like expected - it just distorts and all becomes lined instead of fixing side part distortion(straight lines)…

There’s a particular way of doing it but I can’t remember how. Like x=90° z= 90° or something like that.

Hm… If you can remember it. I will try multiple 90 degree values. And does it work with OrCo aswell?

EDIT: Tried all possible chances with 90 degrees, none worked.