Basic Toy Bear (made with tutorial)

Another render of a basic model I made according to a tutorial on youtube, please leave feedback and suggestions.

Do you see the explosion? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think he is great, the fur is excellent, how many particle systems did you need?

i think his eyes are far to glossy, i would turn that down a bit.


Thanks, I just use one basic hair particle system, edited it with the comb tool so it wouldn’t cover the eyes and such.

Great render. The hair looks really fluffy. Only the upper one has a green cast.
Well done.

Very beautiful render. The hair particles are difficult thing, and you have made this work very well.

Looks great. I like how the hair doesn’t point just in in one direction.
But as shaun said before, the eyes are way to glossy. It would probably help to add some scratches with the image texture displacement.
I think all my bears had those scratched eyes (with the density of scratches being the highest in the middle of the eyes.