Basic walk cycle


First animation I make in 2.8 and my second ever walk cycle. Did not follow any tutorial, just followed the “Animator Survival Kit” for some poses and timing. Anything that can be improved?

Oh, this knee popping caused by IK chain. Need a little love to be resolved. :slight_smile:
Besides this - very good robot style walk cycle!

It’s looking nice but work more on the curve editor to get rid of the knee popping problem.

Hi there!
The legs have quite a nice flow, the knees pop is just a little over-exaggerated to my taste. A more subtle poping would probably give a feel of life in those legs, make them feel more organic and less robotic. Humans’ knees do pop a little (well, it’s more a kind of shake) because articulations have some looseness.
The up’n’down movement seems to sell a significant weight out of the head, which is also great.

But the head itself doesn’t seem to be moving at all (except up’n’down). It’s a bit tricky because this part of the characters technically serves as head and hips at the same time.
If I was animating this, I would probably explore a bit further here. Maybe make this head lean forward and backward, and pivot it like hips does to keep body balance out of the legs movement.

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Thank you for feedbak.
The “head” is actually rotating on the z axis to balance the movement of the legs, you just can’t see that (lol). Ill try to work a little more on that movement.
And for the knee pop, I haven’t even noticed that it popped, that is definitely too much. Need to pay more attention to what I do. Thank you again