Basket (Final render)

Well i guess i fell in love with this scene hopefully this render is a lot better than the previous one
thanks for viewing
i hope u like it
C&C welcome
oh and i still what to know what IMO means:confused:

Good looking basket!
Render sadly doesn’t do it justice though. Same look could also easily be
achieved with the internal renderer. A bit overkill to use yafray IMO. But
anyway, interesting model!

Mind sharing your method of achieving this? I been thinking about how to make
wickerwork baskets myself quite a bit, but never really took a serious shot at it
(yet). Would be nice to hear how you did it…

Thanks The M.h.p.e your right the render did look like crap:o:D hopefully this looks better anyway

its simple i just added a 32 vert circle and extrude a bit in the down and added some loops to the edges duplicate that and edit the other circle select every other 3 sets of verts and scale them in then duplicate that and rotate it so its the opposite of the second circle and just place vertical wire between the spaces and spin dup 360 degree at step 16 remember to remove the original:D and use the first circle at the cop so it covers all the vertical wire and duplicate the other two and bring them down u will have to do some scaling to give it a curved shape thats it i hope it helps

ok what dose IMO mean


thanks hippie im glad the mini tut is of use

The basket looks much better placed on a scene like that and thanks from the mini tutorial, very insightful on how to do a simple stucture like that very quickly.

You could do a small bump map on the jar though.