Bassam and Andy to teach on TOSMI's training course

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this news has already been on blendernation but would like to remind you once again for all that are interested in attending this year’s TOSMI training courses this August in Sofia, Bulgaria.

There are two courses available, first one starting on 16th August and it will be general introduction to Blender 2.5 and the software will be used to teach an entire production process.
Second course will start on 21th August and it will focus on character animation and making a portfolio or demo reel. Both courses last 6 days and they include 8 hours of mixed theory and practice. You can check more detailed program on TOSMI’s webpage

On both of these courses one of the trainers is Bassam Kurdali and on the second one, joining the training team is Andy Gorlaczyk. These guys don’t need special introduction since they are both regarded as one of the best Blender artists today!

There are 14 positions available for each course. Each course normally costs 1000 euro but there is a number of scholarships available for you to apply for so everybody has a good chance of becoming a part of the program. The price includes accommodation, lunch, computer and coffee breaks while participants are responsible for arranging and covering travel costs. Eligible participants include people from the European Union and Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Croatia and Lichtenstein.
Application deadline is July 15th.

You can check more details here.

For additional questions you can send an email

hehehe, we are so far :slight_smile:
Looks nice

Awesome! Famous Blender artists in eastern Europe!
I will definitely apply! and hope for scholarship :slight_smile:

Are there pic’s from last years to see?

@Alekzsander: unfortunately yes…

@Tommy5: there is a gallery and a lot more stuff on the website listed above

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as the deadline for sending applications for these courses is 4 days away just wanted to invite anyone interested to do this as soon as possible. I am glad to say there are many people interested and hopefully we’ll have a great group of people to work with!

All the information you can find in my first post.

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