Batch Image Seqence to Grease Pencil (For sprite animation)

Batch Image Sequence to Grease Pencil

I made a new plugin that would allow you to have sprite animation in blender.
Blender has a “generate to grease pencil” operator that allows you to create grease pencil based on images. This plugin automates the process to allow for image sequence to be made into one single grease pencil.
I don’t know if Blender would have this feature in the future but I have decided to create this automation script.
Hope this helps!


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hey i cant get it to run . the batch to gp panel doesnt show up. blender 3.0 beta

Hey, sorry that its not working for you.

The plugin only appears under Image editor (not uv editor) in view mode. You also have to have an image sequence open already for the panel to properly appear in the Image category from the sidebar.

Did you receive any error messages while installing the plugin?

Hello folks,
Just wanted to say that I have made a tutorial!

Also I have another new exciting experimenting addon coming soon~~