Batch Rename for Nodes Not Working

Hello everyone. I am trying to do a batch rename of nodes within the materials of my character. Is there any way to find/replace a string in EVERY node in every material? I assign names to my characters and their names are usually present in every node so that when I append multiple characters to one scene, they have uniquely named nodes/materials.

My problems right now are:

  1. Using batch rename does not find/replace the names within the nodes. I just get the message “Renamed 0 of 3 nodes” when I perform the batch rename. Here is the top layer material layout:

    I want to replace “CHARNAME” with the character’s name. It’s not that hard to manually do it, but I’d love to just be able to use batch rename.

  2. If I can get batch rename to work, can I do this for EVERY node in the .blend at once? Right now it seems I’m limited to batch renaming only the visible nodes in the current view. For example, batch rename only sees the 3 nodes in the previous image. I tried changing the outliner display mode to “Data API” and I got excited because it lists the node groups, but batch rename doesn’t allow me to select the “Nodes” data type when I’m in that window.

Well, I never found a solution to the batch rename not working, but I was able to make renaming large numbers of Node Groups a little easier.

In the outliner, if you change the Display Mode to “Blender File” (see picture below) you can find a list of Node Groups. From here, you can shift+click to highlight them all, then right click and choose “Rename” and Blender will allow you to rename one, then cycle to the next, until you reach the end.

It’s not as easy as having the batch rename actually function as intended, but it makes things a little easier for me.