Bath Interior

hello, I tried a fictional archviz.


Looks GREAT! God job.
I remember the old forum, when I joined like 15+ years ago, when blender was still in its infancy.

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Thank you - but “god” job? dont know :smiley:
15 years ago?! what was blender able to do? cube?! :wink:

Wooa… So realisitc. Nice job

hi! your renders are fantastic! if I may ask, could you please share your denoising node setup? the renders I do in blender don’t turn out as clean as this…

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I still have the file, but unfortunately I lost my old settings when I opened it. so i can’t tell you exactly. but i think i didn’t use denosing on the picture. I often like to render something bigger, edit the picture and then reduce the size. i’m not a big fan of denoising. of course you need more time and samples, but the result is better…