Bath with a view

Hey everyone! Here is my latest render of a bathroom with a view! In this rendered view, I wanted to focus on the bathtub and the components around the tub, including material and lighting. I will have more renders on this scene to come in the near future. Enjoy!

Model: Blender 2.8
Render phase: Blender Cycles
Post-production: Photoshop


Top shelf modeling and lighting. A really pleasing and effortless feel to it. Is this cycles? I feel more and more that current (2019) cycles renders are looking more and more like unbiased engines (corona, octane, vray) from a couple years ago.

Agreed! Cycles has greatly improved over the past few years. Yes, this render was done 100% in Blender 2.8 and with Cycles. I have a few dedicated Render Passes that I created, similar to what VRay produces, to enhance the quality. I’m still working out a few things with the nodes but I think I’m getting close.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:


Hi Bartv!
Thank you so much! I’m giddy with excitement!!! This is so cool!!!
Working on the next project and hope to have something up in a few days.

Go Blender!

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I feel that the light inside the room doesn’t correspond with the light intensity that the background image seems to have. Other than that, nice scene.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll have a look at it and re-render. You’re right…it should have more brightness or something.

Hey everyone! So earlier, I did a render of this bath scene, look below.

NOW, I have an update on this view. I finished out the rest of the model and did a PANORAMIC VIEW. I increased the resolution to 3840x3840 and made some modifications as needed.
Hope you enjoy navigating it!

Model: Blender 2.8
Render phase: Blender Cycles
Post-production: Photoshop
Panoramic: Memento360

I merged this with the existing post.

Oh, haha, thank you!

Quick question, I’m trying to embed the VR 360 onto the page but the result is a little link. The website allows me to embed the 360 VIEW so you can navigate here, live. Is there a way to do that on this platform?

I was told to use this link:

iframe height =“300px” width =“75%” allowfullscreen =“true” src=""></iframe

but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Any thoughts?

Your tags are missing the < and > and there is a space in front of https.

should be:

<iframe height =“300px” width =“75%” allowfullscreen =“true” src=""></iframe>

Hi Photox,

I took those off because this site wouldn’t let me reveal that.

I typed this in: <iframe height="350px" width="75%" allowfullscreen="true" src=""></iframe>

and nothing appeared. I wonder if it has something to do with this site?

I see, yeah I don’t know exactly what you can embed in a post here.