Bathroom (Final)


Made in blender 2.65 (rendering in Cycles). This is an old scene of a bathroom. With some new skills iv learnt. i think this looks much better. The image in the background was taken by me.

Old renders blender 2.61

The wall pattern and colors in general make for a very good mood in the first render.

Thank you for your feed back. I’v seen this style in a hotel I stayed in, when I was working at a Coldplay gig. I thought the same thing lol and its good to here I pulled it off :slight_smile:

Very good job ! :yes: The first render fits perfectly for the lighting, and the texture but the source light on the ceiling isn’t quite nice I would make it more metallic. And try to add more human presence, like more stuff on the shelf, folded towels, bottles of soap or perfume to give a luxury atmosphere. So good job, but I think that the wow factor is missing.