Bathroom in blender

Pretty much a complete waste of time. But I’m always interested in other people’s projects so I’m thinking it may be the same for a lot of you blender folk… or not.

anyway 2 hours total to make, 3min to render in yafray

postwork in photoshop


Nah, it is - I like to see others work too.

Quite like the feel of this render, can’t quite put a finger on what it is, but I do like.
Nice one. A teeny bit more time spent on modeling would turn this shot into a killer I reckon.

Wow thats pretty darn good. Love it :slight_smile:

Weird contrast looks dirty but yet the bathroom parts are shiny and clean

Your treading a very fine line between more realism and more expressive (which I prefer). I might suggest just tipping your image a teeny bit into one of the two directions, because I feel that right now the image has a lot of tension (good) yet is a bit confusing in its purpose (not as good).

You obviously have a good design sense! In the end, it is a very interesting piece.