Bathroom scene


Thnx for looking into this bathroom scene. I’m really looking for some feedback on the materials and overall esthetics of the scene. I modelled almost all models, except the plants, which i got from blendswap. Most of the materials are PBR textures set up with the new principled shader.

Thnx in advance for commenting!

Cheers, Cie.

We’re seeing a lot of really great architectural renders lately with Blender, I like that light coming in and hitting the wall, and the matching exterior.

I am guessing you are using the denoiser feature but if you don’t turn the samples high enough you will get blotches in your image

Thnx! Still need a lot to learn, but i’m really satisfied when i hear positive feedback on my renders!

This looks really great, my only critique would be, that the walls are way to thin. Unless this bathroom is inside a caravan or container, there would be much more depth to the windows and walls.
The light is a bit too diffuse for that clear sky. Assuming this is direct sunlight coming in in the second image, this should be much stronger and sharper on the stone wall.
I still need to get some good interior rendering settings going for cycles. What´s the lighting setup and how long did those renderings take to calculate?

Hi DM9. Thnx for the feedback! I already noticed the walls, saw it only after the renders, going to fix that. And good point on the lighting, didn’t alter the shadow size, i’ll edit that too. For these renders i went for max 6 lightbounces, no caustics. Around 700 samples, and using denoising on standard settings. The renders took between 30 to 45 minutes on a 1080ti. For the light i only used an HDR environment texture with a high strenght (around 35 or so).

Yes, it’s really hard to get rid of those blotches, these renders already took 30 to 45 minutes… And altering the denoising settings can give weird results, at least in my experience. I’ll try to up the samples, see what difference it makes, thnx for the tip!