Bathroom Shower

I spent about a week making this scene, it is based off a picture I saw on the Houzz website.

Render took 2 hours, at 1500 samples (1440 x 2160), on an SLI gtx 660 and gtx 550ti.

Please post any comments about how you think the image could be made better :slight_smile:

fantastic!! don’t know what to do more

Nice renderning and subtile Postpro. Really like it! Which render engine did you use? Doesn’t look like cycles to me?

The rendering engine is in fact cycles. I just used some subtle compositing stuff.

great render, really clean.

I would re-do the water from the shower, just google “shower” images and you will probably understand what isnt working. Also on the floor you cant see any wet spots from the water. Moreover, motion blur on the drops would come really well. It just looks out of place without it, not integrated on the image.

Nevertheless materials and lightning are awesome. Gj.

PD: pardon my english, im really tired xp

amazing work! now to add a beautiful background outside :eyebrowlift: