The images were completely modeled with Blender and rendered with Vray.


Wow, it totally looks like a photograph! At this size, I can’t spot anything that makes me think it’s 3D modelling, great job!

vray eh? nice. one thing I would have done would be to add a scum map to the shower door, but then of course it would not look so nice and clean.

ya wow this one is so photo-realistic, i see no problems with the texturing modeling or lighting. amazing work.

my only crit is that the chromatic aberration is way too strong.

IMHO, even for a point-and-shoot effect, it shouldn’t be more than 2 pixels at the corner of a 10 MPx image. (3648x2736)
That amount looks realistic, because it’s normal.

I’ve always wanted to try vray, but i wont work for me (like pretty much any other external renderer :frowning: )
very nice render!

is that a washer over the tap in the shower? it looks a little stiff, like it should hang a little more limply…
even so, what amazing renders… so inspiring :slight_smile:

That bathroom scales confuses me with its display. Maybe I haven’t seen one of this kind in real so i cant tell why it looks wrong.

woow realistic rendering… i feel you could have given small amount of specularity to the floor

Maybe it’s because in the bottom pic, it looks like the scale on the ground is the base for the sink, making the sink look very large as well as the room very small.

nice! how long per frame? although I’ve gotten vray render to work, I need to try and get vray material preview to work. but it’s really promising project by Andrey.

great work this is an incredible render! i am jealous

I really had to strain my eyes and look hard to convince myself it wasn’t a photo! 11/10.

Wait, they are both renders? So the second one is Blender too… :eek:
Awesome job man. :yes:

This is simply awsome :yes:

Please share more about your setup… OS, Blender 2.5?, Vray standalone or some Blender exporter? render time?

Octane vs Vray… hard to decide, i seem to prefer the Vray renders more.
These renders are top quality :o

Looks real! but there’s no toilet… :frowning:

I need to try and get vray material preview to work. but it’s really promising project by Andrey.

Awesome work, top notch. Keeps me motivated :slight_smile:

awesome. other then there is no toilet, it looks like you went in your bathroom and took a picture. keep putting up more of your work

Wow the bathrooms are really nice i love to have one of the above design. Thanks