Batman game I am working on a batman game soon will have screenshots

and its gonna be cool but now I just need a high poly batman model…:smiley:

Well that would be your first problem - You can’t just obtain one from a game (note that discussion about how to obtain one is not allowed on these forums)

second of all, with blender you normally want to keep the models low-poly in the blender game engine.

@arbiter410 let me guess you heard saw or bought batman arkham asylum,which is an awesome game by the way!

Your thread has been reported.

Please wait until you have your screenshots ready to post.

Threads like these are completely un-necessary, they clutter the forum and are useless for obtaining feedback because you have nothing posted.

You haven’t posted any progress, you’ve told nothing about your work on the game so far (except to say that it involves Batman and it will be cool), and your thread starts off by asking other people to do work for you with nothing to show on your part.

Sorry, but I’m going to have to agree with Venom on this one. This isn’t really a WIP yet.

If you’d like to recruit some help or organize a team, please use the Team Projects board instead.