Batman & Joker

Hi all
I made this pic for a contest at with Batman as theme. Well, this was my entry ¬¬


See ya


Good modeling, great atmosphere on that final render. Ol’ bats looks very menacing.

wow. this is really good.
the modeling is awsome

Great mood you set here with the lighting and the colour tones.

The Joker looks less defined/detailed than Batman though, which kind of detracts from the image a bit.


really fantastic, i like the modelling of Batman, all of it nicely composited, maybe there were a few contrast possibliities that were missed, but the atmosphere is there =)

Once again great effort =D

Like this a lot, both models look great, wouldn’t change a thing. I noticed in your wires that there is actually color assigned to them, perhaps you could do one is a muted color, just to give some highlights, or hints of color. Anyway, keep it up!!

that is awesome. excellent lighting of batman, the joker however, seems very stiff in his pose, it also took me a little while to find the bat blade in his chest.

top stuff!

That is… just too mad!

Great lighting suits the crusader just right.

GO BATMAN. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great! I agree the Joker looks a little stiff, but clearly rigor mortis hasn’t set in yet. Otherwise it’s an outstanding piece.

Fantasitic. Well thought out! Well executued!

Thanks all ^^
Strange…to my eyes, Batman’s pose seems more stiff than Jokers one ¬¬

For the contest, I needed to post some screens of the progress of the picture. It may be interesting for someone, so I post some of them here.



See ya!

The bat man pose looks amazing. I like his stare.

About joker he looks stiff cause it doesn’t looks like his last attempt to say “How could you, You’re Batman!”

I hope you see the difference. His legs are very straight. One leg could bend just a little.

Some thing like this.

I think this would be more suited to a toon render… Just my opinion.

man, that is some really gerogeous modeling.

i think you have really nailed this render, great composition, lighting, modeling, and mood. and the color rocks, the black and white makes the blood red very dramatic. awsome, awsome stuff dude!!

Extreme desktop material. Great!

Thx all ^^

Bigbad…yeah…seeing your pic now I can note the difference. Thanks for the effort of doing the comparison to me. The deadline fo the contest finish today…m aybe I try to redo his pose

Rocketman…I like toonshading too, but doing it in blender sometimes is disapointing. Some configurations works for a angle, but didint work for others. I tweaked a little the model and added some materials. This is what a got for Batman
Its looking more like comics ¬¬
Still trying to get a good toon look

That’s perfect. Don´t be afraid to do post pro in photoshop or gimp. Looks very promising.

no crits, just wanted to say nice job. really nice feel to it.

I like it! Great modeling and composition.

How did you arrange all the bats?

I animated the beating wings cycle for one bat. Then, duplicated manually, and arranged the the keyframes to get different positions for each bat