Batman, new pose render 14.12.2006

Okay, here’s brand new Batman render, with body and a pose. And yes, that pile of bricks his feet is on has no other purpose but to give ol’ Batman a fine place to pose on the roof.

The background is photoshopped.

—old post—
The first pic is now new one, I altred the facial and lower mask structure a bit, so that the face wouldn’t look like it’s sunken in.

The mask isn’t based on any specific source, it’s scrapped together after several various versions of the mask.

Here’s an alternative version without the beard:

So, any comments?

He’s beard looks strange.

Other than that Wonderful!

EDIT: Yes, withouth the beard he IS batman :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great! The bumpmap kinda kills is in my opinion; it’s way too much; it should be way more fine and way less ‘bumpy’ (I mean less turned on, ehm, ya).

Thats awesome! But [mikä viitta on englanniksi] Viitta looks unfinished. It would be eye-candy if it is something leather-like, too. but less nor

to me, it looks more like some guy in a batman outfit is about to attend a batman convention. no offense, you’ve done great with modelling, but that’s just how the character ended up looking to me.

Lua. It’d be more helpful if you tried to explain why.

Thanks from the replies. I posted an altenative take without the beard, so check the first post.

Yup, probably… Unfortunately, this isn’t your project. If hippie would like an explanation, I’ll be perfectly fine with offering one, but if he reads what I said and can understand where I’m coming from… well, it’d just be a waste of time to explain further. Again, great work hippie.

EDIT: @hippie: without the beard he looks very much like Batman. Great work. :slight_smile:

The costume is incredibly modelled, but something seems wrong with the face under the mask. Chin juts out, lips go down too far, cheek bones too strong…

Less nor on the leather, more nor on the face, just my personal opinion. I wonder if it hurts when he shaves his upper lip, I know when I shave mine it feels like someone is ripping the hairs striaght outta my face. I like the shaven Batman, one thing you might wanna do is give him some stubble instead of an apache beard (like what I grow).

Again, thanks from the comments.

Jack: The no beard version actually has a bit less nor on the suit material than the bearded version. But I’ll see what I’ll come up with, if I’ll do a new render. And Batman doesn’t hurt his lip when shaving. And why? Because he’s Batman.

Eagelbreath: Cape. :smiley:

Nice! Very impressive work. However there was something bothering me when I first looked at it. Here’s what I can come up with:

The shadows on his face (below the mask) kinda gives the illusion that his face is “punched in” or that he has no nose and no cheekbones behind the mask. Makes it look like an old man with no teeth because the side of the lips seems to bend into his face (I’m not sure I’m explaining correctly, my english isn’t very good, sorry) It also produces the illusion that there is like an inch of space between the face itself and the mask which looks strange because the eyes give the impression that there is no space at all.

And to nitpick a bit more, although it already looks great, the face could use a bit more very soft light at the right define the shape and to separate it from the black background. It seems completely black and accentuates the illusion I was describing (or trying to) before. Not lite directly, but coming from behind the shoulder would look nice I think. It wouldn’t look out of place since his shoulder already looks like it is back lite with blue light.

Also, if you placed the camera lower it would make him look taller and much more imposing. Or maybe changing the lens to a lower setting and placing the camera closer would do the trick.

Hope that helps! Your modeling seems perfect to me, especially the suit itself. I love your work.

All right.

I’ve done my final adjustments on the pic. I modiefied the face/cowl structure a bit, so that the face wouldn’t look so sunken in. Or teethles, as some one pointed out.

So, if you have anything to comment, please do so, but I am pretty pleased with this one now.

Looks perfect now! In fact, this is my new wallpaper. :slight_smile:

I made a body to Batman and posed him on the roof, standing there posingly like the Batman does without any apparent reason.

The material of the belt looks strange.

Yea the belt looks a little strange and the bricks look a little to bright, dont really mix with the night, but other than that, its very awesome and a great job. 5 stars

Awesome! Love the pose! Nice textures and lighting.


Thanks from the feedback.

Cuby: thanks, appriciated.

Ambrose: Do you mean the red bricks or the gray bricks? As I post pro’d some extra glow on the lighter bricks intentonally.

Ambrose & Blenderist: Yeah… there’s something missing on the belt. I actualyl should do a bit more complex material on it, as of now it has just far too simple texture on it.

Great looking model! The leather map looks very convincing.
You also did the Catwoman a bit earlier, if I remember correctly.