Batman: The Caped Crusader

its me Blenderjunkie
coming with another waste OF TIME!
im gonna make a cool batman suit and maybe animate it. I want it to be original and super cool.
My first ever charaacter. this might SUCK!
But here it comes…

Hows it look?
Blend File: CHARACTER.blend (757 KB)

ok i think i got the inner leather suit done. just got to scult some flippin details and shade it and it should be done.

Blend File: CHARACTER1.blend (770 KB)

Okey some pretty basic materials. If anyone knows a better rubber material let me know.

Blend File:CHARACTER2.blend (748 KB)

:cool: yep. Cool Shades.
so some updates: Neck hole, rubber mat, cape, some chest armor.
things to do: shade armor, better cape, better lighting, better armor, gloves, boot, more armor, gadgets, belt, head and cowl.

also a scene.
so update:


okey here it comes: this material is epic. TRULY EPIC.
I call it…

Blend File:CHARACTER4.blend (979 KB)

Sorry other one failed.

yeah, so armor is hard. but heres a trie.

Blend File: To cool to post. LOL.

Ok I’ve got a concpet done. images will be uploaded

OK Bat symbol rendering. Believe me folks, this is gun b good.

Blend File: CHARACTER6.blend (831 KB)

ok I got the symbol right on to the costume and I think it looks cool.
Blend File: [ATTACH]314234[/ATTACH]

Here you go.>.needs work.
From now on I’m not going to upload the blendfile.

looking good mate! you might want to make his legs a tad longer though… so that his arms look the right length compared to the rest of the body… unless of course you’re going for a “toon” look :slight_smile:

anyway, very nice progress. keep at it.


Hey thanks! I noticed that earlier and am going to fix it. BUt first, I have to code some program for my homework. I’m homeschooled, so not really a summer break. But I’m 13, I’ve got time.

heh! what do you know??? I was homeschool too :slight_smile: doing this stuff @ 13 yrs is quite impressive mate! keep it up, you can’t go wrong :smiley:

Hey guys sorry I haven’t updated in a while kinda been busy. Well here is some armor upadtes:

Has Wes got my pics back up?

Whoa, I totally left my miniscule followers in the dust! But I’ve been working some more.

You like?

I was homeschooled… until 13

Can’t wait to see you try to model his face :3