Batman v Superman

Hey there!
My name is Jordan Reece. I am 15 years old and I like to consider myself to be an experienced blender user. Everything i do is pretty much self taught so Yeah haha. Anyways, i am working on a Batman V Superman short and I’m currently working on my own, i am currently animating the first scene which is a remake of the battle from Man of Steel but there is much more to model. I was thinking of just posting the scenes and characters i am working on. Some of the characters i am using in the animations are remodeled/textures injustice models. Some of the models i will be using are downloaded from blend swap simply because i cannot model everything on my own (only one on my team) i just used them as a base and sculpted them and retextured to my liking in addition to some remodeling and rigging. Here are some of the most recent things i have been working on. However i will be modeling scenes and props, along with some of the other characters. Please feel free to critique!

Thanks! Jordan


What type of style u going for? realistic ?cartoony?
like it so far

Realistic. Like one of those cinematic game trailers. I will keep you guys updated and thank you!

First you have to consider how much rendertime you can spend to get realistic result. If you want photorrealism, you should use Cycles, and improve some materials, like the skin (use a texture to get more realistic results in the color, not just a flat skin color) you should use SSS for the skin as well as a Glossy shader for specular.

For the cloth, again, you should mix some shaders, not just a flat diffuse shader with a texture (some bump will help as well)

For plastics and leather (like the boots, capes and the Batman helmet) you should use a diffuse shader with the texture (A SSS shader could work to based on the properties of the material) with a Glossy Shader using Fresnel as the Mix Value.

For metallics (like the Batman Belt) you should use just a Glossy Shader and use a texture to control the roughness and another texture to control the bump (for scratches).

Also, you should use a HDRI image for lighting to get some better tests

But this is only if you want really photorrealistic result no matter the rendertimes, if not, some other improvements should be consider (even change the render engine, for example use the PBR branch)

I hope this helped you

Thanks for tips!
Psh Oh yeah i know, i really don’t like cycles because of the render time but i know here are work arounds for those but I’m not familiar with the material set up but I think ill try out some of the tips you said anyways :slight_smile: t I appreciate your help!

He is right in advising u to use cycles. Cycles is the easiest way to achieve realism. But the decision is up to u
The skin shader needs to be improved as it is not realistic.
Supermans hair doesnt look real either. I recommend using the particle system for realistic hair.

You can use the PBR viewport Branch, this will give you a better result than the Blender Internal render engine and it is in real time, but the shader setup it’s similar to the cycles shaders. (Also, make sure that you render the OpenGL viewport when you render animations)

Here’s a video of how it works:

And here’s the link to download:

here a some quick snaps of the opening scene i am working on un finished materials i will be updating them soon. Its supposed to be the world engine scene from man of steel

Credits to sendinthejagdpanther for the blue flame

So i completely redid superman its a lot more accurate and textures look better, still working on converting to cycles and new cloth materials

It looks better. If you need some help you can send me the .blend file by PM and I’ll check what can I do

His eyes look odd now and he actually looks pretty evil.

hmm, thats weird. I used the same eye textures and I’m gonna try some new face rigging with shape keys, make him look a little less mean

any updates?