my last work - Batman
Cycles+ BI
Post-pro : Gimp

Hope You like it, C&C are welcome.

I just got on to check before going to bed, and have to say this looks AWESOME! The modeling/shading/lighting all looks great, but the emotion in the image is really outstanding. Great work, this is a very nice batman render. You should be very proud!

5 stars from me!

BOOMmaker - Thanks, glad You like it!
James Candy - Thank You for kind words! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Work with this images was pure pleasure for me:)

This is great. Love the expression.

Steve S

Looks great, the rim lighting really highlights the silhouette well.

Thanks guys:) Now I’m thinkin obout which comic character I should make this time. Hmm maybe Judge Dredd…