Batmobile Modeling: Advice?

I’m learning Blender (via Lynda tutorials) and want to build the 1989 Batmobile for practice. I’ve done a little Maya, Softimage modeling in the past so I feel comfortable with that size of project.

I have found this good tutorial on setting up car blueprints for modeling in Blender, but the blueprints he uses are so much more straightforward because its an average boxy little car.

I just want to make sure I am starting properly with good blueprint “to-scale” images. There are a lot of batmobile blueprints online, but I want to make sure the different angles scale correctly so that I don’t pull my hair out down the road. I’ve taken a few into photoshop to overlay the angles on eachother and immediately get confused and can’t tell if the angles are in proportion.

I would love any advice from you guys that are much more knowledgeable than myself!

some blueprints I’ve found:

blueprints 1

blueprints 2

I quickly overlayed the front and back using their grid. The grid seems to not match that well and the wheels are a different width. Not to mention the front and back views show a totally different height for the midsection.
Here is my overlay of the two views

I have a 12" model of the car, maybe the best thing to do is try and take some photos straight on at the different angles and cross my fingers that the angle isn’t off at all ha

I would use gimp or PS to adjust front/rear and top blueprints according to side blueprint. Normally blueprints are not 100% accurate. I have found some blueprints of latest car models( and some are not matched correctly. So I correct them using GIMP as far as I can and then I correct the geometry in Blender with helping of so many reference images.

Good luck with your project.

Best Regards

thanks, so it sounds like you just try to get close and then model the rest from eye. I’ve never modeled from blue prints before so I wanted to make sure I was setting it up correctly :slight_smile: