Battery pack animated short

This is a animated short I made in Blender 2.8 beta rendered using Eevee

Changed the sound Sorda,s critique was brutal but I believe he was right regarding the sound

Models: blender ,zbrush
Animation: akeytsu, blender
adobe premiere: edit
2d art: grease pencil


It’s dumb when you have to go to other sites instead of watching the video directly on the site.

What is the desire to “add views on YouTube”?

What kind of nonsense, if I got into the CIA torture chamber, where people are tortured with sound.

regarding the upload this is the way I upload vids on this site…and yeah I want to get views on youtube for sure…The sound of the video, was obviously not to your liking shame that I thought the sound set the tone and vibe.

This sound is terrible, man, believe me. And yes, the restriction of viewing embedded video (and not just a link that does not create a frame in your message) looks like greed.

Regarding the embedded video, I was unaware that i had a setting that did not just have a link regarding the sound I think you might have a point. will do a re edit…

I’m taking your criticism very seriously, going to re edit and upload and see if I can get a setting that just shows a link…

Change the sound, please. Better without sound than with sound that causes a negative or does not match the mood / theme of the video.

thanks for the critique

Hey man, you can’t please everyone. Animate/edit what you enjoy! You’re the one telling the story here, let your creative juices flow!

For what it’s worth, I enjoyed it! :wink:

PS. Maybe I’m viewing the video after your edit, nevertheless, it was great! I really liked your decision of expressing sound fx through text, very creative! It’s like an animated comic book, really cool!

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Nice work!
Glad to see more animation on this site.

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Travisty glad you enjoyed it really put a lot of effort into it, Sorda was right though the sound needed attention I’m glad I edited

glad you like it cookitoff