Battle LA alien: black on white character sheets request

If anyone has the time and would like to work on a little side project, I would be very grateful if someone could draw for me a black ink on white background character sheets of an ‘infantry caste’ alien from the film Battle:LA. I want to make a series of addons for the FPS MilSim ArmA 2 (with an eye to port over to ArmA 3) featuring the aliens and their technology from the film. I do have some images I got from the viral site but I feel it may be a little distracting and potentially an eyesore when creating the model. I’m going to start with the pictures that I have already but if I can swap them out with more optimised character sheets then that would be brilliant.

Here are the images I’m going to work with:

Front Side
Rear Side

Left Side
Right Side

Here’s the viral site:

Unidentified Enemy

Thank you,