battle ship (3rd page update - 31.10.04)

Few hours ago i’ve started modeling somethink looking like a boat or a battle ship.
Any c&c ? :stuck_out_tongue:

another update

I like the way its coming along so far, nice and clean, keep it up, add more detail.


It makes me think of the U-Boats… the ones with the AA guns on deck but could also submerge…
keep at it, this could be good. especially if you add a couple of enemy fighters diving and bombing at it.
The supports holding the boats up, you can see their corners man! maybe use a nice NURBS surface there :wink:

Good so far, but the waves in the first image needs work.

another update…
big berta ? … :smiley:

i’ve got no references, so i don’t know how this boat or a battle ship looks like. Please help… :]

Lol, very big berta :smiley: The anchor is too big.

Peace :smiley:

Anyone US version you might want should be here. Check it out! Lots of pics.

i imagine the ship will blow up when the gun goes off.

my advice is to make it look totally awsome. and to go by instinct.

google for --------->WWII OR WW2 OR “world war two” battleship<-----

in the inagme search option. change the battleship keyword to boat… whatever till you get a lot of images

then take the pricipals you learn from that to make your own. i did it with my tank imageshameles plug sorry and it turned out with the feel of old, a bit of new, and a lot of fun.

your boat is looking awsome, i think you could have it turn out to be a pretty creative but realistic piece.


It’s going to need that big anchor when it fires that gun. :smiley:

thx choice3d and Alltaken
Dbugged: heh it will need even a bigger with this two :smiley:
oh, and another (small)update :smiley:

I liked it! Very promising.

you gave me an idea with “big bertha”. ill try to make an railgun in blender and export it to train simulator.

i like the model. im getting cartoon images when i think about firing the guns. (ship flying back leaving bullet. :stuck_out_tongue: )

:smiley: :smiley: that will look nice, mifune :smiley:

i’m planning to do an animation of sea war or smth.
So it will be 1st of my war models.
I want also to model f-16 fighter and other stuff, wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:
another small update…

It begs the question: How does that plane take off? VTOL? I think you should round off the “corner” at the middle of the hull. A real ship has no such pointed bulge at the side and from what I see you could probably correct it. Also, your life boats, if dropped, would land on the deck, making escape quite difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, yes, i know i know. But you see, that this ship isn’t quite realistic. I’m making it just for fun. The fighter which cannot escape, that innatural big guns looks just funny.
Oh and, how does the plane take of ? hmm. I was thinking about catapult :smiley:

dude I love the update!!! looks like the green army men met blender and decided to use it to make plans for a battleship.(those little army men need something to float on when trying to cross a giant bathtub.)

dude ! you give me an idea :d , thx.
P.s. I’m starting to model an army man -war :smiley: :smiley: