Battlefield 4 style lens flare in the bge

hey guys just a quick demo of a lens flare i made similar to that from battlefield 4 using an alpha texture on with reflection mapping and multiple overlay scenes.

Download here


enjoy! comments and critiques and support appreciated.

I’ve taken a look at your file and simplified it a liitle bit, adding the BF trademark so-dirty-that-you-barely-can-see-lens. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

very nice effect :slight_smile: i like the style, i’ll use this technique in future games if you don’t mind :smiley: very impressive!
all i can say is the problem with having the sun tracking towards the camera not working well in larger environments which i guess probably applies to my original effect as well, with the whole ray sensor cube having to take up 1/4 of the sky!

Thank you! Yeah I noticed these palm trees give some strange results sometimes but there should not be a problem with tracking the player, only the more complex objects must be with a triangle mesh collision to achieve realistic sun glare.