I’ve always loved the mechwarrior games and battletech and I’ve been using blender for a few years so I decided to try and make my own mech.
no textures or anything yet.
here is the pic of my latest one:

critique please?


is this better?

Image not showing. Try attaching it or

Bad image link?

I’ve fixed the picture, did it show up?

Ok there we go, quite alot of armaments on the guy, the thing that bothers me the most is that left arm, big gun, little arm to support it, bad combination. Beef it up, after it all it a battle mech, it looks like it can deal damage, but what about taking it?

how’s this?, I did the render without the legs and missiles to save render time and so you can see the flamethrower thingy

edit oops the first one at the top is the new one but I’ve got the system working better now.

Looks pretty neat, and I have no problem with the skinny arm. People can lift something that big, relatively, so why not a machine? Only problem is the balance; the stress would be far greater on the joint you have than on a joint in the middle of the weapon. Maybe add some extra detail on the back of the gun to even out the weight.

Some strange stuff happening on that minigun, but I can’t really tell what it is.

I know what it was on the apgg (armour pearcing gatling gun) I had double barrels!.

here I have two diferent sets of legs and I can’t decide which one is better

and the other set (real flimsy looking) I turned off shadows on this one so you could see the leg properly:
these are both just concepts for the final design

There are probably duplicate verticles on the minigun barrels try ‘Rem Doubles’ under mesh tools. and Ctrl+n to recalculate the normals point outside, this removes artifacts with smoothing. I’d like to see the leg design also. :slight_smile: If you want to render what you see in OpenGL just click the button just right of the lock image. Since you don’t have any real materials yet or any complex lighting set up, it’s a lot faster to take the OpenGL image than wait for the internal renderer.

Edit: :smiley: Simultaneous post. I see that you already found that duplicate verticles thing on your own.

It looks pretty good. I think I like the version w/ the humanoid legs better. The feet look a little small, but that might be the perspective from the render (or they might be small). The feet on the reverse-joint version look good by comparison.

I think the right arm looks a little strange. Between the magazine clip and the missle rack. It looks like the face or vertice is pushed back and I’m not sure how it is supposed to look w/ armor on it.

Good job so far. I like the weapons.

I actually like the second set of legs much better, the first ones look very clunky and bulky. Not gonna get much speed out of those :wink:

here is a new idea built from the legs of one of my bird legged mechs and transformed into reverse joint legs again rendered without shadows:

I also changed the right arm a bit, is it better?

i think that one looks the best so far

this is the mech I made that the legs came from:

anyone got any ideas on how I could make the IS mech better?

I’ve now made the legs a bit shorter so that now they are more dense and solid to hold up 80 tons of steel

I’m now creating the little flames in front of the flamethrower barrels,
does anyone have any hints on how I can make the fire look realistic and sort of come out horizontal, then go up like fire would?

here is what they look like now:

UPDATE: I’ve made new feet for it, ones that look more solid

here is an update on the whole thing with trigger flames:


This is great work! I gotta go and try one now! Brings back Mech Warrior 2 days :smiley:

Not too sure about the feet though - I think these ones look less solid. I think it’s because they are a thin line (contact to ground) instead of a spread Y shape like with the toes you had before.