Battleship Missouri

i rerender old model of my battleship Missouri in Yafaray(about 5 minutes for one picture).

please I would like to make real sea… i will try it, but if anyone know how setup shader for sea in Yafaray please write me.

current status before texturing dirt :slight_smile:

thanks for watching and tips :slight_smile:

Very nice but I remember shell plating. I worked several battle ships and remember you could see shell plating from the end of the pier. Your sides are way to smooth, guy. If memory serves me you need rivet lines and a unevenness on the sides. Yafaray is looking nice.

theoldghost:thanks for tip and comment i will fix it :slight_smile:

i thought something looked a tiny bit off on the forward main guns

looks like the back guns can not lower all the way

the platting
– hires

JohnVV:thanks my reference was real plastic model and blueprints for this…

new version Missouri on land :slight_smile: