Battletech ZEU-9CWS (Zeus battlemech)

This is a modified version of the CBT(classic battletech) Zeus.

my main references are from the technical readouts, while trying to give it a clan upgrade…those of you who are knowledgeble CBT heads…

if not…Then this is a Big Metal killing Robot with human inside, Fighting a war that has lasted 200+ years against all enemies, with enough fire power to level cities…etc.

work on the center torso is far from complete and right now have placer objects, although the outline is correct the detail is far from it

here is a internal blender render taking 8mins @ 16aa…

some excellent details you have there…nice :]

Looks really cool so far, though there are a few spots on the arm that could use some “set smooth”, keep it up! Any ideas yet as to what theme you will use for your paintjob?