BaySik : a collection of modules to speed up script writing

Currently at ver. 0.75, this is a collection of modules to handle low-level things. It has modules for handling keycode checking, character movement, rotation, adding properties to the global dictionary (makes the save/load actuators relevant), and animations. After messing around with, and learning, Unity I noticed that blender lacked some of the “cohesiveness” in it’s scripting. Unity did some things in one line that took Blender five. I never noticed because I always wrote modules, but writing the same modules for every script can get tedious. Thus this helpful little resource, not a plugin but an external script. You can get it here, and I’ll continue adding to it (but input and ideas are welcome).

Here is version 1.0, I’ll post more about it (282 KB) I separated several modules and made them more stable for the game engine.

Maybe this will come in handy later for me, nice work man!

It might be a good idea to upload code modules to someplace like Github or Google Code. If you do, it’d be easier to make additions and changes, and it’d be easier to ensure you stay up to date (as you have rights to commit, and can even be synced with a folder on your computer) as it would be for your users (just pull from Github or check-out from SVN or whatever).

@SolarLune, thanks for the idea, Currently using Google Code (since I have a google account). Git has a bit of a steep learning curve, but I got a few of the basics. I’ll start committing changes soon, along with todo, and changelog files. The project is here, and I’ll write a wiki soon. Hope I’m doing this right.

@Kruk, thanks for the support.