Hi everyone ;
this is a first post in a forum, so I hope I do this right - if not, apologies… and please, correct me.
My question relates to an old, recurring topic : a correct import of dxf files into Blender.
I am architect ; I work my projects on Autocad (release 2015), with lots of blocks, which have both 2d and 3d definitions: this allows me to generate plans and commercial renderings from a single file.
I am moving on with Blender to try and make animated presentations of my projects. DXF conversion seems the good move, since it respects the blocks hierarchy, eventually converting them into instances - great, just what I want.
My problem is, contrary to others, the imported dxf file contains only the 2d components of the blocks, not a single 3d object… Very frustrating, my project is there - flat. It is not a matter of scaling, it is not a question of camera limits, nor hide/unhide ; I have tried various dxf versions (back to 2004), I have tried converting solids into surfaces, nothing seems to be of any help.
I work with Blender 2.77 ; the DXF-import add-on is version 0.8.5.
What do I miss ?
Thanks for any hint that I could get from the community !

I’ve also looked into it, and come to the conclusion that the DXF reader only supports the traditional AutoCAD 2d entities. Might want to have a look at exporting to FBX, although you’ll need a version converter (I use the one from Autodesk, seems to work well enough).

And FYI - relevant thread titles help. Something like “Import 3D from DXF” would be better than just “BB”. Especially given the recent climate of online suspicion due to the ransomware outbreak.