bball demo

hey guys i just finished working on a game were your a ball and you jump to different platforms(not the most original of ideas:o) its still entertaining and has 4 very short levels, there are no actual textures just colors. it was made in blender 2.49. there are some bugs and it needs working on. not sure if i should continue though. enjoy:)

how is the file 30Mb?! I started to download it, but there is no way a simple game like that could be 30 megs.

so sorry that its thirty mb just that its the blender file and well really im not sure myself just that everything is subsurfed. any tips on fixing that?

try not to use subsurf in the BGE. It will slow you down, and give you huge files. Use set smooth if it looks good.

looked at the game. Nice little platformer, here are some tips:

  • lower poly count. those stilts with the cubes that are “holding up” the platforms? they are waaaay too high poly. Also, the player seems to be a subdivided sphere. Just use a default, or even lower poly sphere with set smooth on.
  • use constraints. I used to use the method of the two planes as walls… If you look in the actuators menu, you will see that there is a constraint actuator. Play around with it.

Keep working!

thanks but there is really no way for unsubsurfing i dont think besides this huges script i found that im to lazy to write. also thanks for the tip on constraints ill try use it in the future

um, on all the objects there is a subsurf modifier… delete it, and poof, no subsurf.

i applied it to all of the objects except for the red beams. also do you think you could help me on the actuator constraint. not really sure how to work it. thanks for the help