BC-304 Daedalus Class Battleship

I started several months ago with building my own BC-304 Class Battleship from the TV-Show “Stargate”
I decided now to share my progress with you guys.:cool:

Feel free to comment and tell me your opinion about my project.

here are a few print screens:

Here some other pictures:

I’ve done two Wallpapers with that model too.
here they are:

In the second picture is without textures and materials.

I did some interior stuff last night includes the hangar hay and a corridor from the Bay to the main Ship. With some Airlocks. I rendered the Bay for you so you can see how id should lock. The material part need some work but I think it looks pretty good.

I resized the hall model so it is now next to 1:1 to the original from the movie. The length is 445 meters. It is hard to find some good sources for the size of the ship but it should be between 200-450 meter.

The red spheres should represent the size of a human. They are 1.8 meter in height.


Not bad modeling. Texturing needs some work though. This guy has rendered some nice orthos of the Daedalus and it’s really close to the model used on the show if you want to check it out for a modeling reference:

began one last year but never kept working on it!

the outside hull needs some accessories

but coming along nicely

happy cl

First of all, thank you for your comment.

Actually I don’t like several parts of my ship. All the greebles stuff on top of the ship look wired so I decided to redo the whole section. The Textures are only added in cycles and are generated not unwrapped. I needed the ship only for some renders where the camera is several meter away from the ship. So that’s true the texture need some work too.

And thank you very much for the nice reference page the model there looks so beautiful!

Here a render after I changed a few thing I’ll point out in the next message:

Did some rework on the outside and stared with the new greebles on the top of the ship.

Also, I remodeled the “cylinders” new

round shapes together with planes in a very specific angle are horrible. I had almost 2h only for the round edges in the “nose part”

All in all, the model is now much cleaner then two days ago. I did many changes who aren’t visible in object mode.
Hope you like it!

I did some more work during the last week.
Had almost one hour for creating a grid floor I was satisfied with.

Now I have a corridor from the hangar bay to the other parts of the ship. Also it is now possible to enter the hangar bay control room from outside the hangar bay too. From the control room you can enter the engine room behind the hangar bay.

The Server racks in the engine room are blocked out and grid floor finished. But there aren’t good materials so the render picture looks a bit wired.

I have at the moment no access to may main computer because I’m oversee so it take so much time to render a picture. The graphic card’s ram isn’t big enough so I have to render with the cpu and this takes several times longer then with the gpu. Because of that the most pictures aren’t rendered.

enjoy the pictures and have a nice day:

The white line shows the corridor from the hangar bay to the main part of the ship.
the green line shows the hangar control room and the engine room.

The render isn’t very good but I think you can imagine how it is supposed to look like when it will be rendered with a better resolution.
The grid floor is completely modeled.
The red human body is 1.8 meter in height.

Feels a bit like talking to myself.
Please feel free to comment. Do you like it, what’s got, what’s bad, what should I improve at first.

this looks great so far man.

The ships exterior looks great, looks like you have spent a lot of time in the smaller details. Which is nice to see :smiley:

Impressive that you modelled the grid floor, i just assumed it was an alpha mapped texture.
Are the things that are glowing blue some sort of energy supply for the ships thrusters?

All in all this looks to be a very ambitious project. Are you planning on modelling the entire interior of the ship? or just a few select segments?

Looking forward to seeing more of this one :slight_smile: very interesting.

Thanks for the reply

I spent a lot of time in the exterior of the ship, in fact I remodeled the hull several times. And it’s still not finished.
For the grid floor I used the array modifier. I made one panel of 2.5m x 2.5m and duplicated it a few times.
Yeah the blue glowing parts should be some energy cores for the thrusters. In fact they never show some stuff like that in the TV show so I can do what ever I want. ^^

I think I’ll built the entire interior but it will take a few months or even years until I’ll be finished.

so far

I decided to share my file with you guys.
So you can see the progress so far.
you can download it from my Onedrive page.:cool:


license cc-by

so feel free to make some nice shots with my model.

I can tell :slight_smile: you said that the hull still isn’t finished, what parts are you planning to add? or does it just need general re-topology?

I wish i had the dedication to pull off a project this big :wink: … maybe some time in the future.

Looking forward to seeing more renders mate.

How nice of you lol :smiley:

i might do a few scenes with this when i have some spare time next week, looks like it could be fun to work with.

Are all your textures packed into the .blend?

I have to add a few greebles on the top of the “shield” don’t know how to call it. there it is atm really empty.
also on the bottom of the “front wings” needs some work. And in general I have to add more greebles all over the ship, inside and outside but first I’ll do some more interior block-out.

Are all your textures packed into the .blend?

No they aren’t, I’m uploading a new version of it with included textures right now.

created a ledder today and worked a bit on the materials:

I need you to finish this! :smiley: it looks amazing so far keep it up plus whats your render times on CPU to GPU :wink: