BC coupe

I finally picked this thing up again and decided to do a finished render of it. There’s a lot I’d still like to change with this car, but I’ve learned an awful lot and it’s time to move on to something new. Thanks all for your help and comments on this thread.

click here for a larger image

post work all in photoshop of course.

here is what came out of blender(straight render, no post production)

Awesome!!! So detailed!

That is gallery work, 5 stars.

Absolutely Fantastic, 5 stars(though I’d like a stronger color personally)

wooh! happy to (finally) see it finished!

that car could be real!


Amazing work, it really shows that you can do wonderful cars with Blender, too :wink:

Great materials and postpro, I also like the subtle colors (and the orange braking discs!) very much.

Nice to see this finally finished. Awesome render.


^what they all said

Wow, this is amazing.

It’s amazing. I’m in awe, I hope to be that good some day!

great car i have liked it very much …can you tell me how did you make the ground reflect grainy ??

A tiny bit of DOF would go a very long way, but its excellent as it is.

Holy jamoley! That’s absolutely awesome! Really realistic as well!

Nice work!
5 stars!

thanks guys for the kind words! (and star ratings!)

free_ality - thanks. i messed arounrd with colours for ages, but in the end white won out. maybe next time :slight_smile:

Myke - thanks, glad you appreciated those subtle colours, i was wondering if i should have bumped them up a bit!

BgDM - thanks man. boy am i glad to get rid of this thing!

GE-FORCE - thanks, the reflected floor is just a mirror with fresnel, and a very (read, VERY, i.e. .0001) small size noise texture to NOR. takes forever to render though, i might just cheat next time :eyebrowlift:

TheANIMAL - thanks. i tried DOF in post, but maybe i didn’t experiment enough, because i couldnt really get any result worth keeping.

thanks for your comments!

if you’re interested i’ll stick up the PSD file with all the post production stuff (although it might be better off in the traditional forum?)