Be A Part of My 25th Birthday Party!

Here’s the deal:

I’m turning 25 this Friday.

I challenge you to make me something with 25 vertexes.
You can use as many crazy textures as you want.
I would prefer something that can loop while music plays.
I’m running it on a Macbook that can’t handle DOF, or too much GLSL wizardry, so don’t kill yourself trying to go overboard.
Winner gets $25.

You have… until September 4th at noon.

For every participant, I’ll make you something for your birthday. How’s that for a deal? :wink:

it needs to run in the game engine. (i thought that would be obvious)
you need to pack your textures in to a single blend file

I’m in!
does it have to be a game, or can it be something else, or both?

It should be autonomous. i.e. everything should happen automatically so that no one has to touch it. That doesn’t mean game, it just means game engine so that it can use proceedural movement or whatever you like. We’ll put it on an HDTV in the dining room and I’ll have music on. No one is going to actually “play” any of these nor do I want to bother with synchronizing anything to a beat. Just something simple, got it?

Also I think I’ve decided that there’s a small catch. Since there wont likely be too many entries I should make some too. Effectively I’m competing, so you’ll have to beat me at my own ruddy game. This is going to be nuts… haha

This is a lot harder than I thought it would be! Never the less, it matches to music pretty well. I think it’s important to note at this point that if you were to use a ‘create object’ block then the limit is still 25 overall vertexes in the whole blend, and the limit of duplicates (no matter how many duplicators) is also 25.

One more thing, I realize that this one is heavily dependent on the game engine’s sometimes flaky physics. That’s actually quite alright! I’ve discovered that using change scene completely resets a scene so that it’s fresh again. If you end up with something that bugs out after a minute or so, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it so it will switch to another scene.


01_wray.blend (148 KB)

couldn’t you potentially declare yourself the winner but actually use one of the entrants entries to avoid giving anyone the prize? What exactly is this for anyway?

I could, but I’m not a douchebag.

What exactly is this for anyway?
My birthday party… Hello? I want to make use of the TV that we have in the dining room, but I don’t want anything stale on the screen. Consider it a sort of art installation. I’m going to cycle ALL the entries. It’s whichever one people at the party like the best so it wont be just me who decides, okay? I’ll have to remember to get some video of people declaring their votes. And the winner gets some cash! I could certainly make them all myself, but it’s more fun to put the pressure on you guys and see if anyone wants to jump in. :slight_smile:

The clock’s a tickin’, man! I wish you best of luck.

(furthermore, it’s only 25 measley vertexes. I can’t believe you’re already complaining)

what do you mean?
do we have to create a mobile or something??

It could be a mobile, sure… Check out the example entry I made. As long as it runs in the game engine, does something interesting for more than a few minutes, and uses 25 vertexes, it’s good.

sos, tried and it just wasnt good :frowning:

I’m rendering my animation. Post it in a minute.

tried and it just wasnt good :frowning:

Sorry man, I don’t know what to tell you except try again.

I’m rendering my animation. Post it in a minute.

Rendering?? No renders. Goes against the rules. If the same result can run in the game engine, then you’re fine… I don’t know. Post it up, we’ll see.

Here’s another example that took less than half an hour.


02_wray.blend (340 KB)

Yeah, I made into a gameplay. Here it is…

would you mind using the forums attachment system with a screenshot next time? Mediafire just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and… yeah… wow… 25 vertexes isn’t much to work with, is it? :confused: Feel free to give it a second try if you’re so inclined.


03_micah.blend (111 KB)

Right, well I think it’s pretty obvious that no one won this. I wont even say I won. I’m still really surprised that no one even bothered to try. :no:

I didn’t read this until today, I totally would’ve entered, I’m also surprised that nobody tried. I mean cmon… 25$ for 25 minutes of work? How hard can it be…

sorry, bmud, never got around to animating my 25 verts :frowning:
I WANTED THAT $25 SO BAD!!! give it to me now or my avatar will sue you!

lol :slight_smile:

Wow. I didn’t see your thread until today (I’m not yet in the habit of regularly checking the Team Projects board). My apologies, bmud. Had I known, I might have submitted something.

Well, happy birthday, anyway. You’re a little short of being as old as I am. Don’t give up, though. If you keep trying, you may catch up to me someday. :wink:

I didn’t see that early either. I could see myself joining this small contest :slight_smile:
Happy birthday Bmud.
(Btw, I like your second file.)