Be connected | A Fake telecom advertising

Hello I have just finished a fake telecom advertising I used blender and gimp for post-production.

My initial reference was the new default ubuntu wallpaper.

Here is an HD version of the image without text

Any suggestions, comments or criticism welcome

nice! Would be cool animated as well. How did you do it?

Would be cool animated as well

Yes it’s planned but I have no idea how I could do this (I never made an animation).

How did you do it?

I made a lot of “optical fiber” with bezier curves. I have used UV coord to decrease the light emission from the root to the head.

Here is some tests that I made before the final render

Of course I after the rendering I did a bit of postproducion. (Changing the contrast and add the slogan).

Your final result is amazing. Really well done :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m planning to change some imperfection (like the e instead d in the text reflection)